Merry Guben

Executive Chef & General Manager
Kent House Kitchen, Café, Bakery

Merry Guben, Chef and Kitchen Manager, started at Kent Center in early November 2017. She began cooking when she was nine years old, baking bread and making desserts. Her mother, aunts and grandmothers taught her about food - how to grow it and how to use it to make wonderful tasting dishes. A classically-trained chef, she honed her professional culinary skills as an apprentice cook in fine dining restaurants.  Over the years, she has worked back-of-house and front-of-house in a variety of food production settings – restaurants, catering, and retail, in addition to owning her own award-winning restaurant in Philadelphia. She has also worked with Fresh Start Foods, developing menus of lighter recipes for school cafeterias. Currently, in addition to her position at Kent Center, she is the owner of a startup small commercial farm growing rare and hard-to-find culinary plants located in Worton MD, and is involved with the University of Maryland Extension’s Master Gardener program.